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Upgrade SSRS Services only from 2012 to 2016 Issue

Recently, we cloned a VM Reporting Server that was MSSQL 2012 Enterprise. On this clone (We will call SSRS02) was the SSRS services. The original SSRS Server contained just the SSRS services while the Report Server lived on a clustered server. SSRS Server was not on that clustered node and was a stand alone VM. I then created a new Report Server on SSRS02 using SSRS configuration Manager so as to point the soon to be upgraded server to 2016. Once the new Report Server was created (temporarily native, until we upgraded the clustered node and pointed SSRS back to the original ReportServer Database), I then upgraded the SSRS services on SSRS02 to MSSQL 2016 Enterprise. During this upgrade process on SSRS02, the upgrade process reached out to the original ReportServer database and not the new ReportServer I created and changed the table stating that SSRS was now 2016, thus breaking our reports.

Have I lost you all yet???

Why did the 2016 upgrade the old ReportServer database when I specifically created a new ReportServer Database and pointed the Services to it prior to the upgrade, thus breaking our production SSRS server (lets call it SSRS01, the cloned server)

Is there a hidden configuration file that I needed to manually update from the VM cloning that was still pointing to the production SSRS?

Clear as mud?

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