Upgrade SSIS 2008 to 2014

Hi ,

I just upgraded SSIS 2008 to SSIS 2014 and it is upgraded successfully,And also I changed the all connection as required like SQL.

  1. Its showing me old connection. Where I need to change the connection I already changes connection in config file as well as data sources.
  2. When I execute package it not showing rows count in data flow.

Please help.

Thank You.

  1. what was your original connection manager type?
  2. Are you using an OLEDB adapter, and ADO or an ODBC adapter?
  3. What happens if you execute the subpackages on their own, under debug?
  1. Datasources --> SQL connection / Text File
  2. Using both.
  3. Its execute successfully but it moves data into tables as per old connection. And one more thing it does not show rows counts ...shows 0 rows transferred but when I check table show it show all data.

Hi, the operating system must be at least 2008. SQL 2014 cannot be installed on Windows 2003. Check your SQL Server version's prerequisites, like 4GB RAM, 2.0 GHz processor or faster, etc. Check whether all the steps are being followed from ""SQL SERVER 2014 UPGRADE ADVISOR." Try executing DBCC Checkdb with DATA_PURITY, which checks the data for values that are no longer valid for the column datatype. Try executing DBCC UPDATEUSAGE(db_name), which helps to fix any page count inaccuracies that are resulting in the stored procedure returning incorrect results. Refresh your views using ""use sp_refreshview."