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Upgrade In-Place To Keep Same Server Name?

Hi experts,
I'm tasked with upgrading several 2008/2014 instances to MSSQL 2019.

Having done many such migrations, I usually build a new VM, install SQL Server and migrate everything over.

But this client wants to do in-place upgrades to keep the same server name so connection strings don't have to be modified. (They do NOT use SPNs, which would eliminate this problem)

Is there a way to migrate to a new VM yet be able to reference the original server name afterwards?


You can use CNAME and/or SQL Server alias.

ps The alias only works with Microsoft clients not JDBC etc

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Thanks for the reply Lfor. Those posts are very old and I wonder if there are better techniques.

These servers have the 2012 OS and SQL Server 2014. We will either do an in-place upgrade of the OS and SQL OR migrate to a new 2019 OS server which has SQL 2019. But the client doesn't want to migrate to new VM because it will require a new server name and connections will break.
I'm still not clear on the steps required to use CNAMEs to force a connection to redirect to the new server (which will have the same name as the old SQL Server).
Can anyone provide more details? Thanks.

For CNAME you will need to contact your client's network team to get them to amend DNS.
SQL alias works well if you only have a few application servers to deal with and there are no direct connections from PCs.