Upgrade from Sqlserver2008R2 to 2017 Error Rule sqlserver2017 feature upgrade failed

Hi Experts!
Trying to upgrade Sqlserver2008r2 to 2017 version. The Sqlserver2008r2 having database also when I try to upgrade throw me error like below in pictureRules%20Error

Current sql version below.

Microsoft supported version

There is no direct method to do this. You need to backup user and system databases install SQL Server 2017 standard and restore user databases.

If there is no direct method so how to deal the below configuration if upgrade to sqlserver2017 . All configuration do from scratch :zipper_mouth_face:

  1. principal Sql server database.
  2. Mirror Sql Server database.
  3. Transitional replication to standby server.
  4. Witness server

Ohhh... this is my mistake current version of sqlserver2008r2 is enterprise and enterprise edition does not support Sqlserver2017 standard edition . Required to go for Enterprise edition to enterprise edition :blush: