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Updating file name path


Need to replace the servername in a column called Filename. i.e. \Servername\file name\ xxx.tif
There are approx. 49000 rows. Anyone help with a script for this. Thank you in advance


First make a copy of the data.

This is one way to do this. It may not be the best.

Next if there are always two \ then look for the second one (CHARINDEX)
Use SUBSTRING to get the remainder of the text and add that to your new name


Or STUFF the servername and append that to the new servername

No idea which is better, but it always T's me off that you have to provide a LENGTH to SUBSTRING as there is no "everything after that point" default option.


Thanks folks, bit new to doing this stuff so could do with an easy method as possible

DECLARE	@MyData	varchar(100) = '\Servername\file name\xxx.tif'

SELECT	'\MyNewServername\'
	+ STUFF(@MyData
		, 1, CHARINDEX('\', @MyData, 2)	, '')



Thanks folks, got something to work now. Much appreciated