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Uniquely identify acounts


i have been asked to do the follwoing and not sure the best way to go about it.

all broker account are 11130. when the data runs trough the ssis package its going to roll up account on fundcode and account identifier. so i need to do something to show that bank of new yourk and jp morgans are different by adding something to the account identifier coulmns. like 11130a and 1130b or a even another number. any ideas the best way to go about this.

also going forward they will probably be different ones with new code


You could use a Derived Column or Script Component to achieve this.


how would i got about using a derived column for this


I'm assuming here you know how to write SSIS expression in a DC transform (if not, you need to read up on that). The general idea is to look at the description column, and if you see JP Morgan, add 'a' to the fund_code, otherwise add 'b'.


Drag a new derived column task, in the properties add it as a new column give the column a name and try something like this for expression: