Unable to use the SQL function in my SSRS SELECT Statement as text in Dataset Properties


How do I use the function that was created in the SQL server and use it in my SSRS SQL select statement when I am using text in SSRS Dataset properties as text from Query Type? I am getting errors and am not able to complete the process.

for example:

SELECT FunctionGetID(a.column,b.Column) AS ID
FROM TableA a
JOIN TableB b ON a.Column = b.Column

Thank you all

SELECT dbo. FunctionGetID(a.column,b.Column) AS ID

Hi Scott, yes I did and got the same error, "Could not update a list of fields for the query."

Restart VS did solve some errors I got but I would first try my query in my DBMS as the error-handling is better. I would use another alias as ID. And try it in a brand new report.

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Thank you RogierPronk