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Unable to parse T-SQL

I am using Fortify and experiencing problem when trying to scan a file and receive the following error:

Unable to parse T-SQL at C:\SQE_REPO\MGF\GCCSM-GL\SQE_WOTA\GCCSM-GL_4.1.2.1_ED1_2016_1109_CM\XCOPGL\XCOP\src\xcop-segments\AIF\WSM\data\System\WSM\Schemas\create_wsm_unit_data.sql:16:1.

Can anyone help?

not sure what Fortify is.
can you open that file in ssms and do Ctrl+ F5
or show us what is on line 16

I also don't know what fortify is but I would look at the "C:\SQE_REPO\MGF\GCCSM-GL\SQE_WOTA\GCCSM-GL_4.1.2.1_ED1_2016_1109_CM\XCOPGL\XCOP\src\xcop-segments\AIF\WSM\data\System\WSM\Schemas\create_wsm_unit_data.sql"
file, line 16 character 1.

Gentlemen, I have reached out to my client to see if they can send me the line 16 information, I will keep you updated.