Unable to create a data source to access an SQL Server database

I have been attempting to convert an MS Access database to SQL Server 2012. The procedure was to create a database on the SQL Server DMBS and create use the same name in the source application.
However, for some two days now, I've not been able to connect to the SQL Server database, all attempts failing without any clear reason.
The client is a an application installed on Windows 7 64-bit computer, whereas SQL Server database in installed on Windows Server 2008 R2.

I work on the applications installed on my computer with my Windows user account. This Windows user has been created as a Login in SQL Server DBMS and granted to the database I intend to use with it. In addition, I have given datareader and datawriter permissions to my Windows accounts. The connect was initially good and I had exported data several times the Access file to the SQL Server database.

Can you telnet your SQL server?

Yes, I can

Hi Ahmeds08,
The server doesn't Telnet.

I guess there was some change at the firewall.
Can you create inbound and outbound firewall rules for the SQL port and if it is a named instance also include the browser service port 1434 to the list.