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Unable to bulk insert data after restore


I have automated my restore of databases from production to dev environment. But when testing some of my SSIS packages one of SSIS packages runs just fine on staging database but no rows are created.
If I drop and re-create target table then all is well. Is this some sort of table/schema level permissions. I have been staring at this like for a couple of hours. I am at a roadblock :frowning:


Longshot (and hope I'm wrong!)

Is the ColumnID in sys.columns different between the two? or perhaps a difference in object_id ?

No idea if SSIS uses that, rather than Column Name / whatever.

GUIDs on sys.Table, sys.Column, etc. objects would be handy ... :slight_smile:

:fearful: wow not good to work on things at end of Friday 4.30 pm or maybe it is time to retire early and move to Cancun. Found out the data is being ingested but the ImportedOn null date column was being, not sure how, populated with a past date of 1/18/2017. So I was testing for select * from Imports where Importedon >= ' 2017-01-27'