Trying to import a file with duplicate headers

I have a file that has duplicate names in the header. I need to import the file. I know that I can import it without headers, but I would rather keep the headers, Is there any way to programmicly change the file header names. I can have them be like Accountant and Account2, for example. Or is there away to import it and change it to import it into a table. This could be in SQL or SSIS or what ever you suggest.

Any ideas I would appreciate it.


However your are changing the column names.Why don't you just create a table with the column names of your choice and then import the file without headers using SSIS.

Thanks for the reply, I did think of that but was not sure that it would safely ensure that the data would go to the right fields.
I will try it thanks

If you are mapping the columns correctly then there should be no issue.