Trying to determine active SQL database?

Does anyone know if there is a sql query ( and what that might be ) that will let someone know what an active database would be ... for example

I have a sql server running and it has several databases




I am trying to figure out which database a specific program is using ( as the current active database ) without opening the program to get that information

Anyone have any idea on if this can be done or how ?

Thank you so much

Would select the latest record of the biggest table help you out?

Possibly not sure let me see what you are thinking ... and thank you for offering your help

Maybe running sql profiler for an extended period?

Maybe also check to see if there are any audit columns such as CreatedDate and/or UpdatedDate

Or you can use extended events:

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To determine the active database on a SQL server, there are a couple of options. One approach is to query the sys.sysprocesses system view, which holds details about all the running processes on the SQL server. By checking the database_id column of this view, you can identify the ID of the database that each process is connected to.
Another method is to use the sys.dm_exec_sessions dynamic management view, which holds information about all the currently active sessions on the SQL server. The database_id column of this view also indicates the ID of the database that each session is connected to.
You can use the following query to find the active database for a specific program:

SELECT DB_NAME(database_id)
FROM sys.sysprocesses
WHERE program_name = 'your_program_name'


SELECT DB_NAME(database_id)
FROM sys.dm_exec_sessions
WHERE program_name = 'your_program_name'