Truncation of logs

We use Arcserve UDP 6.5 backup to backup our SQL server 2014. Backup of the database is successful but we could not perform truncation of the logs using the backup software.

The backup software shows that the logs are truncated but the database logs clearly show that the truncation did not happen.

The database permissions given to this domain account are sysadmin and we could use this account to performe a manunal truncation.

Arcserve could not find a reason for the log truncation failure.

Why do you think the logs weren't truncated?

Does the SQL Server Error Log show that a transaction log backup occurred?

When i look at the properties of the database, I saw that the database was being backed up but the logs were not being backed up and truncated. The size of the log folder also does not decrease in size and we can still see the old logs.

Backing up the transaction log will not make the file smaller - it truncates the contents of the file so that space can be reused.

What command are you attempting to run from ArcServe? It sounds like you are trying to BACKUP LOG ... WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY which is a deprecated command.

If you are trying to shrink the log file - then you should stop that process. It serves no purpose to continually shrink the log file just to have it grow again.