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Troubleshoot SSRS config manager URL in Windows 10


Main problem: I can't connect to the local webpage that I have associated with MDS as well as with SSRS. I'm using Windows 10 and there are no instructions on the IIS requisites for windows 10 using sql server 2012 with MDS or SSRS. I have installed SSIS, SSAS, SSRS etc and I'm currently doing the msdn tutorial on EIM using MDS, DQS and SSIS as well as setting up MS Report Viewer 2008 redistributable to use along with SSRS after deploying my firms ETL Framework packages. Neither internet explorer, firefox or chrome is able to connect to the webpage associated with either MDS OR SSRS. I think the issue is with IIS configurations and I have enabled all the IIS roles for windows 7, 8 and both 7 and 8 but I still can't view my web pages. Any help is welcome.


SSRS does not require nor uses IIS (in native mode). You can configure the URL etc. in the Reporting Services Configuration tool