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Transactional Replication - Error on subscription

Hi experts,
This is SQL Server 2019 Standard

After configuring transactional replication (for all tables and all stored procs), the subscriber is throwing a very strange error:
The error on the subscription is: Could not find server "ABC" in sys.servers.
2 tables do get replicated but none of their data gets pushed and no stored procs are brought over.
I suppose it stops pushing objects when it encounters that error.

I have several linked servers on the Publisher instance and server ABC happens to be the first linked server in the list.

But it's so odd that it's even trying to connect to that server. I didn't specify it in any part of the repl setup.

Any ideas? Thanks

any of your stored procedures reference the linked server?

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That's a good question. I think one or 2 do. The Publisher instance has 10 linked servers. I have not created those on the subscription instance yet. Maybe I need to do that, then reconfigure the replication. I'll do that on Monday. Thanks for the tip.

To wrap up.. the next day, all the articles were replicated to Server B. Not sure why there was a delay.