TLog Full

Hi ,

Please help me to understand ,
I have log shipping setup where i am deleting 9Cr rows in chunks of 20000 , but after some time, delete command stop with below error :slight_smile:
The transaction log for database 'Antivirus' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP';

Please help me to understand why this happen and what is there resolution , currently i am following below steps .

  1. move simple recovery model,
  2. shrink log file
  3. move to full
  4. create log shipping again .

Got issue and resolution but i destroy log shipping .. :expressionless:
Actually Drive space full.

If you find that the query processing is filling up the log files so much you run out of space you could look at increasing the frequency of your log shipping backup tasks, for example if you currently run every 15 minutes you could increase this to run every 5 minutes. This does run the job more often but it may manage the size of the log file better as it will empty the log each time it backs up.

I know you got it sorted just thought I would suggest it anyway :slight_smile:

How often do you take log backup ?? Make sure the following things:

  • Take log backup frequently as in Full Recovery Model, only log backup truncate logs.
  • Unrestricted log file growth
  • Log file must have enough space.