Title / Gender

I see in Preferences that there is a Title (badge). Currently only "Regular" on offer. Not sure I fit even that description :heart_eyes:

There is confusion at times over the gender of people's User Handles, and with worldwide audience misunderstandings over name genders (mine is spelt this way for Girls in USA and Boys in Europe ...). I don't care if someone gets my gender wrong, but it can probably be an embarrsement to the O/P.

Perhaps add Gender "badge"? Or even make the choice a part of registration (along with, perhaps, country?

Dunno if there is anything else that might be useful on registration? "Skill level" perhaps? Beginner, Intermediate, KnowItAll(tick!!)


There is a title field. Let me see if I can update it...

Badges aren't something that a user can self-assign. There is a way to create custom fields. That's something we can look into but I think that's a bit in the future. Probably the same with skill level.

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You mentioned LIKE in another thread. There is a forum I use that has half a dozen ICONs for LIKE, AGREE, THANKS. (They have DISAGREE too, but that causes a lot of upsets!). I think its a nice feature being able to click on THANKS - rather than post a message (the effect of which is that everyone sees the thread as "updated", goes to read the "New content", and then just finds a "Thanks" message. LIKE (or AGREE) can also signify that others agree, which can add weight to a suggestion etc. - typically (on old forum) others would just remain silently agreeing (unless the O/P then said they disagreed, whatever) In the forum that uses them they are well received, but just talking out-loud here in case useful, its your Gaff so I'm happy with whatever furniture you put in the house :slight_smile:

(There is a LIKE Icon already, of course. I've pressed it on your post, but I can't see that it has done anything [visible to me]). There is feint text for "You liked this" but I would have expected a list of UserIDs of the "likers" or similar?

Perhaps other folk could press LIKE on your post too, maybe I would then see something different?

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Sorry, rabbitting on ...if I mouse over Graz's FIRST post (i pressed LIKE on the second one) I see "1 person liked this". If I click on THAT it changes to "csnoek liked this" and I can click on the AVATAR there ...

I think it would be better (if I've got the right end of the stick) if the LIKEs were always listed, rather than more modestly only-on-mouse-over, as I think it conveys gravitas to a post. For example a user asks a question. They get one reply (which is technically 100% correct). That's all they see. OTOH if it has half a dozen Likes/Agrees/Whatever from other members then I think that may encourage the O/P that the answer is useful etc.