Time and date from nvachar

Want to convert NVarchar to Time and date using update column command in sql server

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[timeconvert](
[sno] [int] NULL,
[Duration_Load] [nvarchar](7) NULL,
[Duration] [time](7) NULL,
[Estimated_Date_of_Arrival_Load] [nvarchar](10) NULL,
[Estimated_Date_of_Arrival] [date] NULL )

INSERT [dbo].[timeconvert] VALUES  (1, N'03:26', NULL, N'29.01.2019', NULL) ,(2, N'02:45', NULL, N'30.01.2019', NULL),(3, NULL, NULL, N'03.02.2019', NULL),(4, N'10.25', NULL, N'11.02.2019', NULL)

I want to update the time table with time and date datatype accordingly in the next column.

update  dbo.timeconvert set Duration = time(Duration_Load) , Estimated_Date_of_Arrival = date(Estimated_Date_of_Arrival)

Expected result should match the format in the column type


i notice in the data
as Duration_Load

should this be 10:25

i mean

if its not 10:25

then we have to append like this in time format
cast('00:00:10.25' as time)


use this for Estimated_Date_of_Arrival_Load

update dbo.timeconvert set Estimated_Date_of_Arrival = CONVERT(datetime, [Estimated_Date_of_Arrival_Load], 104)

does this help ??