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Third Party db monitoring Tool

Hi All,
Can someone recommend what is the best third part toll to monitor SQL Server performance, health check, data corruption, etc.

Thank you

SentryOne (formerly SQLSentry) is probably the best available, but it's expensive. I've not used it personally but several co-workers at my previous job couldn't live without it. It's very comprehensive.

Note that SentryOne was acquired by SolarWinds about 18-24 months ago, before the SolarWinds hack was announced (and probably before it was initiated). What I understand from friends who work at SentryOne, their codebase is separate from SolarWinds, so SentryOne was not impacted or exposed during the breach. However, you'd want to investigate that yourself and make sure to discuss it with your sales rep at SentryOne if you intend to use it.

I've never used any 3rd party SQL monitoring in the past 10 years, I know that many of them seemed underwhelming compared to SentryOne. Some of my co-workers abandoned them and moved to SentryOne.

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DPA (Database Performance Analyzer) is a very good tool also - also available from SolarWinds. Shouldn't have been impacted by the breach - but check with them to be sure.

I have used Idera in the past. Worked for what I needed.

Thank you all.