The 'X' parameter is missing value

I have create a stored procedure and calling the stored procedure from execute command in SSRS by calling via execute statement the dateset is build successfully below is the execute command

Exec  StoredProcedure
@Startdate=@Startdate,@Enddate=@Enddate,@SqlScript='@SqlScript',@Rsi= '(''SP'', ''NP'')', @Pname='NAME' ,@Resrv='RES' ,@Fcdid='FDC_ID',
@blink ='STATION' ,@ItemType ='COMP', @Eventype = 'TOL' ,@clink = 'GS, @plink = 'MLINK' ,@WdEventype= 'WD' ,@WevenType = 'W7',@Cmblink='MLINK'

From SSRS report parameter iam trying to pass only Startdate and Enddate rest of them are embeded.
By running SSRS report error appears The 'X' parameter is missing value below is the screen shot

is it possible that the blank cells not to ask to provide a parameters value? I tried to hidden all parameters execpt Startdate and Enddate but doesnot works.