The process of choosing the Forum software

I'm liking it ... am just in the process of choosing the Forum software for a new (personal vanity!!) project and the one I have been looking at is Xenoforo (just in case any of you good folk reading this were needing suggestions ...)

My need is for non IT-Technical folk, and Xenoforo works like a conventional forum, only IMHO better. (Its a break-away group of developers from vBulletin). The Discourse software here has a close appearance to StackOverflow, which I think will be more familiar with techie users. Amazing how StackOverflow has overthrown conventional forums ... hats off to Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. I posted there when it started and enjoyed it, but I grew to dislike the lack of any Discussion methods as I never had any straightforward questions! but for Frequent Asked Questions, and Simple Answers to Straightforward Questions, it works well, and when I have one Mr Google nearly always takes me there as first port of call ... for somewhere to hang out when providing answers (both SQL and other subjects / forums that I frequent) my choice is based on the community users, and the slickness of the forum software (to maximise what I can give back to the community with the time I have available). SQLTeam wins on those counts of course (although it was very tedious with the old software, hats-off to Graz for modernising it :two_hearts: :two_hearts: (Sorry Graz, you'll have to get used to that unless you can add back the Beer icon ...)





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