The multi-part identifier "ih.Sub Class" could not be bound

hello all,

I am analyzing one query to make updates in the output generated by query. But in that at the time of execution I am getting error "The multi-part identifier "ih.Sub Class" could not be bound." one table Item hierarchy is used there with object ih but I didnt get it in database. please suggest me some possiblties.

The error means that somewhere in your query you are referring to ih.SubClass, but there is either no table or table alias named ih in the FROM clause that is in scope where ih.SubClass is referred to, or if there is, that table or alias does not have a column named SubClass

Ok ...Thanks

Unless you post query we cant tell what exactly is causing the error. Only thing we can suggest at this point is you're not having column in the table or you're using a wrong alias. Another reason can be you using a derived table and not including the required column from the source table in it