The multi-part identifier could not be bound

I've seen similar errors on SO, but I don't find a solution for my problem. I have a SQL query like:

select * from cMat_Price_C with (nolock)
JOIN cMat_Profile_Text_C ON cMat_Profile_Text_C.SPGUID = cMat_Profile_C.GUID
JOIN cMat_Currency_C with (nolock) ON cMat_Price_C.CurrenyGUID = cMat_Currency_C.GUID
JOIN cMat_Profile_C with (nolock) ON cMat_Price_C.ProfileGUID = cMat_Profile_C.GUID
WHERE cMat_Price_C.Deleted = 0

The multi-part identifier "cMat_Profile_C.GUID" could not be bound.

On your first join ON cMat_Profile_Text_C.SPGUID = cMat_Profile_C.GUID , you have cMat_Profile_C.GUID which is not present yet. Probably should be cMat_Price_C

presumably this query is not critical - some entries missing or duplicated twice is OK?