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The license's key doesn't work on new installation

On Saturday I asked my provider to reinstall my Server 2016 alongside the SQL Server 2016. It seems they had difficulties and for the moment they only managed to install the Express edition saying that they couldn't reactivate the key.

Here is what they are saying:

Thank you for being so patient and we apologize for the delay in getting back to you. We've been trying to retrieve the MS SQL Server Web edition key for your server, but unfortunately, the key doesn't exist in the records since we no longer provide MS SQL licenses to customers. Please note that by considering the importance of your reinstall request, we saved the existing MSSQL key from the server before the re-installation, but that key didn't work with the new MS SQL installation.

Since the saved key is not working, the possible solution would be to purchase a new web edition key and use it to activate the MS SQL server. As I updated earlier, we are currently not providing MS SQL licenses to customers. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your kind understanding in this matter.

Anybody around having some idea what could be done ? (Besides paying for new license, as I already paid for it I don't I should pay twice for the same service)

That is nuts! Ask them to talk to their manager.
Or contact Microsoft to see why your key is no longer valid. Is this a bonified legitimate business you are dealing with? Is they key they originally sold you even a legit key?

This issue was eventually solved. My provider managed to enter a correct SQL Server Web edition license.
But they never managed to get the SQL Server Agent running. They think because the version they originally installed, SQL Server Express Edition, doesn't permit the SQL Server Agent upgrading the license key wasn't enough.
After some research from their side, they decided it would be better to reinstall from scratch the OS and SQL Server Web Edition, what they are going to do this coming weekend.

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