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Text field converting to Sci Notation


I'm trying to create the following Update Query: [CODE]UPDATE Book1 INNER JOIN Products ON Book1.jhlkj = Products.Vendor_Item_Code SET Book1.asdfsda1 = [Products].[UPC];


Basically, I'm looking to update the UPC codes in a table. When I do, my values over 12 characters, formatted as text, change to Scientific notation, even thought the field being update is also data type, TEXT. I have even tried to use a leading ' in front of the codes. It is not displaying as scientific notation, the actual value in the field shows as scientific notation. And of course, I'm losing a character which gets rounded.

What can I do to keep my formatting?


The syntax does not appear to be valid for Microsoft SQL Server. Are you using SQL Server or another RDBMS? Assuming SQL Server, the update syntax would be this:

	b.asdfsda1 = p.UPC
	Book1 b
	INNER JOIN Products p ON
		p.Vendor_Item_Code = jhlkj;

If you do that and if asdfsda1 column in the table Book1 is TEXT and the UPC column in Products table is TEXT, there should not be any rounding.