Text Box 'Go To Report' Not Showing Web Server Loc In SSRS (but shows in Report Builder)

I have an SSRS report that has been deployed to our web server. I needed to add a textbox hyperlink that once clicked will allow the user to go to another report on the same web server. I thought I'd play with it in report builder first, so from the web I clicked 'edit in report builder'. Once in RB, I was able to add a textbox and go to the ACTION tab in the textbox properties and there, there was a browse button I was able to click which brought up the webserver address, showing all the reports on that webserver and so I was able to select which report to go to. This worked fine..however,

When trying this in Visual Studio/TFS, when I add the textbox and go to ACTION, there is no browse button. There is only a drop down selection (and an add expression button) with what looks to be selections from either my local or server side TFS workspaces.

I'm thinking that report builder shows the web server browse stuff because it is being edited in that space and Visual Studio is not?

So, the question is: If I select a report (same name/report that exists on the web server) from the VS/TFS workspace, once the report is saved and deployed, will it 'know' to go to the correct report? In other words once I have deployed it to the web server, will it just look for the name i gave it in VS/TFS on the web server and not try to look for it in VS/TFS? This would be my intuition, but before I go down this (potential) rabbit hole, thought I'd see if anyone could tell me how this works..

Thanks for any assistance..!

This depends on how you set it up in the report. You can create a link that builds the URL - or you can link to a report that exists in the same folder.

Either way - the deployed report does not know anything about VS or TFS and would not have any way of accessing either of those to render a report.