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Test performance of new Sql Server


Hi There,

A client has installed a new version of Sql Server.
They have gone from 2005 to 2014
Is there any way that I can test the performance difference between the 2?

Thanks for the help.

Best Regards,



You could "record" a workload under SQL 2005 and "playback" under SQL 2014 (starting with a restore of the DB from identical start-point).

I've always found this to be a bit fraught to do, well, in practice ... but in theory its fine!

Synthetic test is also possible of "How long does it take to do each of these N tasks". (Might need to do each task, say, 100-times to get a meaningful elapsed time)

Is there a perception that the new server is slower than the old?

Were indexes and statistics rebuilt after the upgrade? If not that could be the cause.

Ideally I would want to NOT use a Compatibility Mode on SQL 2014 to "simulate" an older version.


You said that you have a client that wants you to do this. How much are they paying you to do this?


In my experience has been "You said we needed a new server, the fact that it is Different / Slower / More Expensive / PICK ONE!!" is YOUR FAULT so fix it at YOUR COST ...


Hi There,

Thanks for the replies.

The client has already install MS Sql 2014 and I was just wanting to test the speed difference.

Best Regards,