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Tensorflow package installation on SQL 2019 ML Services

Hello,I am trying to install tensorflow library in my SQL Server 2019 as I use ML services .

windows 10 : python version 3.7.3 : Tensorflow latest.

  1. I tried installing a few libraries through sqlmlutils which works fine, but in case of tensorflow it fails.

  2. The microsoft document also suggest to work around using a command prompt in administrator mode, run the following command ( "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL15.MSSQLSERVER\PYTHON_SERVICES\python.exe" -m pip install --upgrade tensorflow ) by replacing "MSSQLSERVER" with the name of your SQL instance. In this case the tensorflow package does not reflect in my SQL Server (guessing its some path issue that has to be dealt).

Is there any other possible way to install the library or solve this nightmare?

Please help, Thank you in advance.