Team Sum/Avg Scores from Player Scores

I have a simple set of player scores in a table that I am trying to place into a view named "view_Team"
The table mainly consists of columns

  1. Season
  2. Date
  3. Team Name
  4. Player
  5. Gm1
  6. Gm2
  7. Gm3

I have this working to calculate these in a view named "view_calc_avg" to give "Total Score" and "Avg Score".

What I need is a view that will give total and avg on a team bases by date.

What I have now only gives 1 line of output that sums every date data together?

SELECT Date,Team Name, Gm1,Gm2,Gm3, Gm_Ttl,Gm_Avg
FROM view_calc_avg
GROUP BY Team Name

This does not work.....

I am using phpMyAdmin version 4.6.6

If anyone can help I would appreciate it!
Thanks in advance..