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Team, need help on microsoft sql server compact (sql ce)

We have a application which uses microsoft sql server compact (sql ce .sdf files) in windows 7 environment. Now the environment is upgraded to windows 10 and the application is not working as the win 10 environment doesn’t support microsoft sql server compact (sql ce). Please suggest solution for this,
Thanks in advance

You should really rewrite the application to use something like sqlite as SQL CE was depreciated in 2013 and went out of extended support in 2021.

Pro tem you might be able to run the application in Windows 7 compatability mode.

  • right click on the application
  • click Properties
  • click the Compatability tab
  • select Windows 7

Thank you for the reply. its not working even if the compatibility mode is changed to win7.
As per the wiki, it supports windows server . so it means that it can be installed and will be still
supported in windows server? it very hectic to re write the complete code.

Any version of Windows past 2012 is unlikely to support SQL Server Compact Edition. Unless you have those older versions, you'll just hit another dead end.

As already suggested, you're better off converting the database and data to another format.

There are some tools that can do that, here is a freely available one:

There are other programs that are paid, but offer a free trial.

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Thank you @robert_volk and @Ifor , we are converting the code to sql server.