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TDS and SQL Statments


i am using the tabula data stream potocoll for communication purposes between siemens plc and sql server 2019. the exchange of the pre login and login7 request and response packets are well done. after ther login i attemted to send rpc and sql batch request. in both ways the response determines a failure on the server side. the observation in whireshart indicates no invalid structure, therfore i am sure the messages are correct. if i send the sql batch with the statement

SELECT * FROM ln01000.dbo.AA_STATIONS within i get an error. of course, the statement was successfully tested in an sql query on the server. though the messages are so simply i recorded the follwing transfer by whireshark.

does someone has an answer or better a propper solution for me?
thank you very much.

Is it correct that you are using SQL Server Express edition? It is limited to 1 socket or 4 cores.

Editions and supported features of SQL Server 2019 - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

i am using microsoft sql server 2019 express (15.0.2000). i have read the feature list that was shown in the link you gave me. would you tell me, why do you relate the error to the hardware of my computer?

The exact error number is 3926 with the german error message. I used a well known search engine and was wondering if express edition is the correct version for siemans plc as I think its sending a lot of data to the sql server database.

i thinks it is not a problem of the sql version. if the communication would not working on express, why are the other protocols working fine. and the tds protocol is also supported as well.

the descriptions of both error messages result no precise determination of the originally problem. if the telegram isnt marked with mailformed then the telegrams are strucually corret. either theres an syntax error, because of a different interpretation on server side

although i have tried different syntaxes in the batch statement, with my lesser than basic skills, i can only get rid of this problem if some experienced people help me.