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TDS and SQL Statements

I am using the tabular data stream protocoll to establish an communication between plc and sql server 2019. the pre login and login7 works fine and is done after the login ack response message. the problem is, that after the plc sends an sqlbatch command to the the servewr responses with the following error codes, though the messages are structurally correct. If needed I can upload all packets:

SQL Error Number: 3971
State: 1
Class (Severity): 16
Error message: Der Server konnte die Transaktion nicht fortsetzen. Beschreibung:1.


SQL Error Number: 3926
State: 2
Class (Severity): 0
Error message: Für die Transaktion, die in dieser Sitzung aktiv war, hat eine andere Sitzung einen Commit oder einen Abbruch ausgeführt.

Is someone able to provide me with solutions?
Thank you a lot