Tables row count within date range

Hi, We are having a disaster recovery exercise and I need to validate the accuracy of the records in the backup database server against the production database server. Here is what has been done

  1. Backup file for February 28, 2019 restored in the backup server
  2. Extract row counts for all tables in the backup server

What I wish to do

  1. Extract row counts for all tables in PROD database with data until February 28 2019 only to match the restored database in the backup server (only a few tables have timestamp column)

Is this possible if not all tables have timestamp column? Can we generate this based on transaction log? Or any other fix to compare the data accuracy in the backup server with Feb 28 data vs the data in PROD?

Thank you in advance!


may be you can try the primary key ??

is it possible ???

or some other unique combination
or some other information you know

or you can try with the datetime stamp columns
where populated even if it is only a few

join on columns