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Table selection in report builder

I have 2 tables with somedata and I need to display both 2 tables at a time in the report builder output.

Can anyone help me.

What is the issue that you are facing?
If you have created the right dataset, you should be able to access the objects from the database.
If the tables have common column, you can join them and pull all the fields from them and display in the report.

I am not getting idea how to take table as parameters.

I want to display the table1, table2, table3 and also Columns selection in SSRS reports as mentioned in above picture. Anyone Please help me in solving this

Are those drop downs or text entry fields or list?

Drop downs

For tables dropdown do
Select object_id, name from sys.tables

For columns drop down do

Select c.name
From sys.tables t
Join sys.columns c 
on c.object_id = t.object_id
Where t.object_id = @tableid

This is a most unusual design. Also keep an eye on schemas. 2 identical tables can exist in a database with different schemas

With this code,tables are not displaying.

I want to display the 2 tables in dropdown.if I select table1, that table should be display with data.

The query shared by @yosiasz should display the table names.
When you define the parameter ,you should get the values from the query.

Show us your ssrs report setup

I tried but it's not displaying sir