Table of access

About table of accesses in ER diagram of the following example, If I know Name of a Project and I want to know all Code of Employee entity which contribute to this project, I need to access only to Partecipation Relationship or to both Partecipation Relationship and Employee entity?

input: Name of Project:
output: list Codes of all employee which contribute to project

depends what is in participation table. what is the table definition for Participation table

Participation is shown on schema, this ER schema and It's no table, It represents concept (supported by cardinality) how many employees partecipate to projects.

again it depends what you will have in Participation table. because eventually this concept will have to be implemented somehow. and that will mean a table on disk.

I'm projecting database for school and in this step It's not necessary to think what will be contained in this participation table because this one is a part of model logic, which will translate afterwards.
Access table is made in ER schema, not in logic Schema

Only to the Participation relationship. The name and code will both be in that relationship.