Table Column

Hi guys i have a form that sends a comment to my database it goes into a column called comments

when i view this column in a page it views fine but displays the output on one line even if i type in the form on several lines/ How to i display the column onto different lines without having to type

Example : If i type in,

at moment i get

Test1 Test2 Test3

i want it to display

Same if i type



Test 3

i want it to display same ?

any help appreciated ?

If you display the column values in a form or report you should see the line feed carriage returns. In SSMS if you switch to text instead of grid view you should be able to see the separate lines.

Thank you one other thing if i want to delete a row in my table can i do it using a form. For example if i want to delete row 1 from my table i have a form input field is id if i type in 1 and submit it will delete row 1.

In SSMS you can right click on the table and choose > Edit Top 200 Rows. Then Select your row right click on it and Choose DELETE.

Or you can use the command and type

Delete YourFile
Where YourField = 1