T-sql 2016 using different languages

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Right using t-sql 2016, in sql server management studio. I can change the fonts by picking options->tex editor->fonts and I can pick 'Karen Hilang'. When I do that, all the sql changes to the language called 'Karen'.

**Note: this font is available for me since I installed this font on my computer.
Now I have several other fonts that (are used for different languages) that I need to run and store in a sql server field as varchar(max) and not nvarchar(max) since nvarchar does not work for me.

The question is, I would like to know how to change the 'fonts' using standard t-sql 2016 and not using sql server management studio to change the fonts? I would like to do this since I would like to ran all the sql changes in the same script.

Thus would you tell me how to accomplish this goal?

you have asked this or similar question many times before about different languages. still dont understand what you are trying to accomplish?

Have you seen the answers to those other questions you have asked before?