T-sql 2012 pass parameter values to cte

In some t-sql 2012 that I am using, I am using the following on 5 separate merge statements.

(select LKC.comboID,LKC.lockID,LKC.seq,A.lockCombo2,A.schoolnumber,LKR.lockerId
[LockerPopulation] A
JOIN TST.dbo.School SCH ON A.schoolnumber = SCH.type
JOIN TST.dbo.Locker LKR ON SCH.schoolID = LKR.schoolID AND A.lockerNumber =
JOIN TST.dbo.Lock LK ON LKR.lockID = LK.lockID
JOIN TST.dbo.LockCombination LKC ON LK.lockID = LKC.lockID
and LKC.seq = 1
) AS LKC2 (comboID,lockID,seq,combo)

What is different, is the value of LKC.seq = 1 as listed below. I am using 5 separate ctes
and the only value that changes is the LKC.seq number being a value between 1 and 5. Thus
can you pass a parameter value to the CTE that I just listed above? If so, would you show me
the t-sql to accomplish this goal?

you can't pass a parameter to a CTE. It's just another way of writing a subquery. However, you can do what you want in a few different ways:

  1. Wrap the MERGEs in a While loop that iterates over the different values and use a variable in the USING clause:

and LKC.seq = @seq

  1. Join on a set of values for the seq number