T-sql 2008 create 1 large dataset

In a new SSRS 2008 report, I am trying having one main tablix where the grouping is by patient number. There will also be 8 different embedded tablixes. Each embedded tablix will be a separate report for only one unique patient. Due to the design, I am planning to only use main dataset for the unique patient number.

My goal is to have all the data that I need for the one patient for all the reports.

So far for the first 3 reports, there are unique columns for those reports. For the 4th report, there can be multiple rows of unique columns that are needed for that report only. On the 5th to 8th report, there can be multiple rows of data that is unique to each report.

Thus I am trying to find a way to accomplish my goal. The only thing that I think I can do is call unique columns for report #4, something like report4_col1_first, report4_col1_second,
report4_col1_third., etc. Basically in this example for report4_col1, I would have a unique name for each occurence of column #1 in report #4 needs to be populated. This could occur for the rest of the successive reports.

Thus would you tell me a better way that I can accomplish my goal? Is there a better way to accomplish this goal using t-sql or the ssrs reports?