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Syntaxe incorrecte vers order


SELECT codart,quantite,datfac
,count(quantite) over (partition by codart order by codart ) as qte
FROM MOUVEMENT where codart is not null


42 ?


,count(quantite) over (partition by codart) as qte

What is the ultimate question?


What is the error you're getting? What is the output you want? Post a create table script for [MOUVEMENT] and insert statements with sample data. Since most of us aren't able to read your mind, try to ask your question more clearly.


You can't use ORDER BY with a COUNT or SUM function, because it doesn't make sense there. Also, my guess is you want SUM() rather than COUNT() of quantite, although technically you could just want the COUNT; if so, naturally just change the SUM back to COUNT:

SELECT codart,quantite,datfac
,SUM(quantite) over (partition by codart /* remove the ORDER BY! */) as qte


I presume its as per the Subject, which I assume translates to the English error message "Incorrect syntax near keyword 'ORDER'"