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SYBASE ASE BCP out in parallel

Hi All,

I am trying to bcp out a table which is non-partitioned into a csv file. I am trying to achieve parallel bcp export option using something like below in a shell scripts:

bcp table_name out test.dat1 -c -t '' -r '' -F 1 -L 1500000 -S server -U user -P pass &
bcp table_name out test.dat2 -c -t '' -r '' -F 1500001 -L 3000000 -S server -U user -P pass &
bcp table_name out test.dat3 -c -t '' -r '' -F 3000001 -L 4500000 -S server -U user -P pass &
exit 0

But, when I run the above, the commands don't run in parallel. The 2nd one doesnt trigger until the first complete and 3rd one doesn't until 1st and 2nd complete. The Unix OS has 2 CPUS and 2 GB RAM.
Can someone advise if the parallel extract is possible?