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Suspended Proccesses


In Activity Summary, you sometimes see many processes that are in a 'Suspended' status.. When does SQL Server release the memory that process was using, or does it ever release it?


Usually you see the suspended status when a process/thread is waiting for some resource, e.g., waiting for data to be read from disk.

In such cases, it should change to another status when the resource becomes available.


Yes, SQL could release the real memory. It would then put the process into the paging file / virtual memory. If I understand correctly, it couldn't release it from virtual memory until the Suspended process had been re-awakened and got to a memory release point. But SQL can re-use the main memory if a process sits suspended for too long.


When the process completes it automatically releases the memory, some cases occur when SQL Server is busy in processing many information some may be suspended because it takes too much time.
Certain time it will not respond you for longer time in this case only one option is to restart the SQL Services.