Suspect Parameter Sniffing?

Application uses Entity Framework to create query. Typically runs < 3 seconds but several times a day exceeds 30 secs whereupon app times out (dev has said need sub 30 sec response times). Table has ~60 million rows. There are 7126 different "assets" that can be passed in as one of 12 parameters .

PK Index on [sbt_assetid] ASC, [sbt_messagetimestampmst] ASC, [sbt_transid], ASC (maybe change sbt_messagetimestampmst to DESC?)

NC Index on [sbt_assetid] ASC, [CurrentRow] DESC

Stats updated automatically (last update yesterday).

Plan - Brent Ozar /pastetheplan/?id=SyjnVJcHA

If you're looking for row 1, the CurrentRow should be ASC not DESC.

Otherwise only the key lookups raise an issue. You should make the clustered index assetid, currentrow if that is the most common lookup on the table.