SUM values based on values of another column

I have a table which has a created date column and a Value column

I'm trying to do the sum of those values when the created date is inferior to each value that created date will give me.

For example
01.05.2022 I have as a value 25
02.05.2022 I have as a value 26
03.05.2022 I have as a value 30

I want to get

01.05.2022 --> 25
02.05.2022--> 51 (25+26)
03.05.2022 --> 81 (25+26+30)

If anybody can help me with which function I should use that would be super helpful!!
Thanks in advance

SELECT DateColumn, SUM(value) OVER (ORDER BY DateColumn)
FROM myTable

Thanks!! It’s working :muscle:t2: