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Sum or Calculation two different dataset in Matrix Report

Dear Expert,

First Matrix Report which is coming from Dataset1 as below.
Refer First Matrix Pic

in same report another matrix report is there where details are coming from Dataset2 as below.

Refer Second Matrix Pic

Data is coming properly in above both datasets, but facing challenge how to do calculation between two matrix report as below. Below need to achieve how thats possible, please guide me.

Last two rows details need to be achive, please help.


Please guide.


Is this in ssrs reporting?

Yes i want to do in SSRS

Many different ways of doing it.

  1. One data source such as a stored procedure that collects all of the data matrix then each report matrix could filter in only the specific data to display

Of course this might be a performance issue doing things in the report itself

  1. One stored procedure for all with a parameter: matrix1, matrix2

  2. One procedure per matrix

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Thanks for the reply.

But i have two different datasets, reason is that in second dataset its coming from different datasource.

In that case for the 3rd one create a storesd procedure that does summation of the data from the 2 other data sources

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