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Suggest best MYSQL Book for Beginner

Hello All, I am in the Second Year of My engineering and I am looking for SQL online book, I am confused to choose the right one for beginner points. I have checked some references for SQL Books but I am not clear to find out the best one. Can anyone suggest to me good author names?

I'm not a MySQL expert (or novice even), but I've been using SQL Server for over 20 years. Also, SQLTeam is a Microsoft SQL Server site, you may get better advice on MySQL on another site.

Having said that, I've found that publishers tend to have better track records than specific authors (with a few exceptions, entirely in the SQL Server realm). O'Reilly is generally pretty good, as well as Manning. They have online options and they update material regularly, buying a digital subscription is probably a better move.

I don't have any suggestions on beginning/starting out with databases beyond checking out some open courseware/companionware for university database study. One instructor I like is Andy Pavlo at Carnegie Mellon:

He covers general relational DB stuff, not usually product specific, although he does discuss certain Microsoft SQL Server features. If you're still new to relational theory I think he's one of the better resources for studying it.

The MySQL documentation is pretty good for specifics on syntax and feature details:


Plus they have Getting Started and Tutorial sections.

One site I do recommend, once you get into tuning performance, or wanting to understand indexing:

He covers many different DB products as well, including MySQL.