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Subscriber Setup



I have been using Merge replication for the last number of years.However I have now moved the master database to a Cloud environment.

My problem is with the initial replication when setting up new Subscriptions. The problem seems to be with permission rights on the ReplData folder. ie I get access denied errors when performing the first Replication.

To overcome this problem, I have to VPN on to the cloud server, I then try to access the Repldata folder - at which point I am prompted for an Admin Username & Password. Once I enter this and can see the folder the Replication will work ok.

Once the initial replication is complete - I no longer need to have VPN access and subsequent replications work fine (unless I need to Re-Initialize).

So - my question is, Is there anything I can no at the SERVER end - so that new subscriptions can be created without the need for Admin rights on repldata folder