Subquery exclusion dilemma for Teradata

I have the following data...
J1 10/2 10/5
J2 10/2 10/5
J3 10/2 10/4
K1 10/30 10/31
L1 10/17 10/18
M1 10/11 10/13
I only want to keep the items-by set--that are within 2 days. The result SHOULD be that I only keep the K,L,& M sets. None of the J set should be kept, because at least one of the lines in the J set are outside 2 days.

How do you define a set? By the first character of the value in the ITEM column? Or is there another column that enables you to identify sets?

Yes, the first character determines the "set"

Are your dates just mm/dd? (no year)

I simply did not include the year.