StringStoresCompatibilityLevel set to 1100 but still receiving 4GB error

In order to provide an uncluttered GUI for our end users, we have eliminated 10+ small dimensions in a SSAS 2012 MultiD cube that are not shared between measure groups by electing to design a single degenerate dimension. This has resulted in a dimension with a 1-1 fact relationship to a single measure group that contains 437,215,987 rows and 35 attributes.

We are receiving the following error: File system error: A string store or binary store with a compatibility level of '1050' is at the maximum file size of 4 gigabytes. To store additional strings, you can change the StringStoresCompatibilityLevel property of the associated dimension or distinct count measure to '1100' and reprocess. This option is only available on databases with a compatibility level of '1100' or higher.

We have taken the following steps:

  1. Increased the StringStoresCompatibilityLevel property of the offending dimension to 1100
  2. Verified in the dimension XML that the StringStoresCompatibilityLevel was correct and that no second hidden CompatibilityLevel property existed.
  3. Checked the Supported Compatibility level property of the SSAS instance and verified that it is set to 1100.
  4. Checked the CompatibilityLevel of the deployed SSAS database and verified that the ddl200:CompatibilityLevel property is set to 1100.
  5. Trimmed down all of the attributes in the dimension to have the minimum required string length and verified the string lengths in the DSV column properties
  6. Redeployed not just the dimension, but the entire VS solution
  7. Kicked off a Process Full via SSMS
  8. Continue to receive the 4GB limitation error

Might anyone have additional tips or tricks for working through this 4GB string store limitation in SSAS?

Additional note: The read-only CurrentStringStoresCompatibilityLevel property of the offending dimension continues to read 1050 although the editable StringStoresCompatibilityLevel property of the dimension is clearly set to 1100. How does this read-only property get updated through a GUI, and how does one get these two properties in sync?

You must be modify the xml config files in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS14.MSSQLSERVER\OLAP\Data and set all the properties refer to StringStoresCompatibilityLevel in 1100