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String search


under reference field I have the following
ST0001 TERM 1 & 2 TUITION or for example 1ST&2ND SEM TUITION:CARE DON

How can I replace the field with reference1 to include only records that have ST0001?
ST0001 Is a student number but it can be any number following ST....


A table def would help. What have you tried?

However, does reference always start with ST for only students? never starts with ST if not a student?


tried first to look for ST - LIKE ST%

it seem to work

I have another issue.

in my view i have YEAR,MONTH,JOURNAL. I need to add another column to my view that does not exist in the talbe.
The column would be SOURCE. All records under source should be AP. Is this possible?


Reference like 'ST[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]%' would look for all items that start with 'ST' followed by four digits and then anything trailing afterwards. Hopefully this would limit false positives.